Purvey'd The Juice - Five Eggplant Varieties and Best Ways to Use Them

Five Eggplant Varieties and Best Ways to Use Them


Eggplant is technically a fruit often used as a vegetable. They generally come in different shades of purple skin, but you may also find yellow, green, and red skin varieties. No matter the eggplant variety, all fresh eggplants have smooth, glossy skin and soft edible seeds within the flesh so wrinkled, loose skin indicates age leading to a more bitter taste. Eggplant has a mild flavor and spongey texture which allows it to absorb flavors exceptionally well. Keep in mind that if you are deep-frying the eggplant, be sure to put on some flour coating before dipping into the oil to prevent the eggplant from absorbing too much oil and becoming too greasy. Eggplant is a highly perishable product that does not store long. Always try to use the eggplant as soon as possible. Whether you love or hate eggplants, read up on this week's The Juice to become an Auber-genius!


American Eggplant


American eggplant is also known as big eggplant, aubergine, or the globe eggplant being the bulkiest variety. It has a teardrop shape that ranges from six to more than ten inches in length. American eggplant has dark purple-black skin that is smooth and glossy. The inner flesh is creamy white with many edible seeds. American eggplant is one of the most common eggplant varieties you can easily find in your local stores and is generally the least expensive. American eggplant has a big, meaty texture suited for slicing, grilling, and roasting.


Chinese Eggplant


Chinese eggplant or Japanese Eggplant is also called thin eggplant due to its slender, cylindrical shape. It usually comes in six to eight inches in length and one to two inches in diameter. Chinese eggplant has thin skin with lavender purple or dark purple color depending on the variety and white flesh. Chinese eggplant has the most delicate flavor of all the market varieties and few edible seeds. When cooked, the eggplant flavor is extra creamy. Chinese eggplant is ideal for grill and stir-fry with garlic sauce. Steam Chinese eggplant mix with hot chili sauce is another popular application, especially in Northern China.


Indian Eggplant


Indian eggplant is also named the Ratna eggplant, the Brinjal, and the baby eggplant. Indian eggplant is normally two to three inches in length. It has a small egg shape with dark reddish-purple skin.  The skin has a medium thickness, and the flesh is firm, crisp, and creamy white with tiny edible seeds. Cooked Indian eggplant provides a mild flavor and a creamy texture with sweet afternote. Indian eggplant is usually cooked in Indian curry but is also great roasted and stuffed. 


Italian Eggplant


Italian eggplant is otherwise called Melanzane. Italian eggplant has teardrop-shaped with dark purple skin. It resembles the shape and color of the American eggplant but is diminutive in size and with thinner skin. Italian eggplant is typically five to eight inches in length. Italian eggplant has tender flesh and a sweeter flavor than their larger cousins. Their smaller size makes them a good choice for stuffing, roasting and broiling.


Thai Eggplant


Thai eggplant is what you call Makhuea. Thai eggplant is a small golf-shaped eggplant that comes in a variety of colors: such as white, purple, and yellow. The most common Thai eggplant variety is pale green with white stripes toward the bottom. Thai eggplant is roughly one inch in diameter. Thai eggplant has a crunchy texture and mild flavor with a slightly bitter taste. Being a popular ingredient in Thai green and red curries or eaten raw with chili dips. If you like eggplant, you should give this a try.


Depending on the eggplant variety you buy, the cooking procedures differ. Nevertheless, all eggplants taste delicious. Purvey'd carries all five eggplant varieties and beyond. If you do not see the variety you are searching for, please email support@purveyd.com or use our live chat. We will locate the item for you. Feel free to contact us for product inquiries and product recommendations.

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