Jalapeño: Overview, Hot Crack, and the Cause of Hot Crack

Jalapeño: Overview, Hot Crack, and the Cause of Hot Crack

Have you ever seen jalapeños with lines across the skin that look like stretch marks?

The Juice is ready to dive into the mystery behind the jalapeño business.


What is a Jalapeño?


Jalapeño is medium-sized chili hot pepper. The skin color ranges from bright green to greenish-black. Jalapeño also comes in shades of red as it matures on the vine but red jalapeño is a rare find in the market. Due to the fact that red jalapeño has a longer growing cycle, requires more maintenance, and is more expensive in price. Jalapeño has a slightly curved, conical shape that generally measures two to three inches in length and one inch in diameter. It tastes very much like serrano pepper, only with less heat. Jalapeño is a common topping for nachos and tacos. In addition, minced jalapeños are widely used in making salsas, sauces, and bottled hot sauces. 


What is a Hot Crack?


A hot crack is dry lines or striations across the jalapeño skin. The streaks vary in color from white to light brown, depending on the age of the pepper and exposure to sun. Mature pepper and longer sun exposure leads to darker streaks on the jalapeño skin. The striations indicate a hotter and more flavorful pepper. The more streaks you see, the more intense heat. Hot crack typically starts near the stem end and continues down the pod. These lines are not an indication of poor quality and are a part of jalapeño's natural ripening process. 


What causes a Hot Crack?


Hot crack happens when jalapeño has a growth spurt. Oftentimes, a growth spurt occurs after long periods of rain followed by prolonged sunlight. This leads to the pod absorbing plenty of moisture and expanding. The sudden growth is faster than the skin can stretch which leads to the split of the skin to accommodate the growing pod. Average consumers may avoid jalapeños with a hot crack; assume that it is a product defect or signs of spoilage. Next time, you know the hot crack jalapeno is the cream of the crop.


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