Twelve Types of Peppers and How to Use Them

Twelve Types of Peppers and How to Use Them

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Let's hope the sudden drop in temperature did not hit you hard. Gather around and warm up with the pepper editions this week. Did you know bell pepper and hot pepper all come from the same family? The bell pepper is the only variety that does not produce any capsaicin, the compound that makes pepper spicy.

Peppers have a high level of vitamins A and C and are a good source of beta carotene, calcium, and potassium. Red bell pepper has one of the highest levels of Vitamin C in fresh produce, more than two times higher than the same amount of orange. The Juice examines twelve types of pepper and their best uses.


Anaheim Pepper


Anaheim pepper goes by the name of the New Mexico Chile and the California Chile; named after the California city Anaheim it was first introduced and widely grown. Anaheim pepper has a thick skin elongated curved pod that grows six to ten inches in length with a broad shoulder and a pointy tip towards the non-stem end. The flavor is slightly sweet with a mild peppery heat. Anaheim pepper is ideal for roasting, canning, and stuffing. A popular application is roast Anaheim pepper, stuff them with cheese, and deep-fry.



Bell Pepper


Bell pepper is the sweet pepper you regularly find in the grocery store. The most common bell pepper is plump, bell-shaped like its name. Nevertheless, you will also find an elongated-shaped bell pepper. The bell pepper flesh is thick with white piths and a cluster of tiny white seeds. The various color skins of green, yellow, orange and red also bring a different flavor to the dish. Green skin bell pepper has a tangy and slightly bitter taste. While others are sweeter with a fruity note, with the red skin bell pepper being the sweetest of the bell pepper. Bell pepper goes well with tomato and is often stuffed, baked, or grilled.


Cubanelle Pepper


Cubanelle pepper is also known as the Cuban pepper and the Italian frying pepper. It is generally four to six inches in length and looks like elongated bell pepper. Unripe Cubanelle pepper is pale yellowish-green but will turn bright red if allowed to ripen. Well-known for its thin skin and sweet taste. Cubanelle pepper tastes great on subs and pizza as well as stuffed with your favorite filling.


Finger Hot Pepper


Finger hot pepper is what you call red finger hot and Jwala pepper. The finger hot pepper has thin skin with a slender pod and a tapered end that resembles the shape and size of fingers. Finger hot pepper grows up to four inches in length and less than half an inch in diameter. The flavor is very spicy with a light fruity note. You can add finger hot pepper to any dishes for extra heat, especially sauces, salsas, and dips.


Habenero Pepper


Habenero pepper or Habanero pepper is a small, bright-colored chili pepper that comes in colors green, orange, or red. The shape also varies from small bell shape to teardrop shape and is generally one to two inches in length. Habenero pepper has a tropical fruity and floral flavor with intense heat. Oftentimes, used to make hot sauce and salsa.


Hungarian Wax Pepper


Hungarian wax pepper is so-called Hungarian hot wax and Chile Hungaro. It has a waxy yellow skin with a tapered end and is generally five to six inches in length with slightly curved pods. Hungarian wax pepper has a similar appearance as banana chili but is much hotter. Hungarian wax pepper is very flavorful and lightly tangy-sweet with a mild heat layer on top. A popular ingredient in mole sauces and other traditional Latin dishes, soups, and salads.


Jalapeno Pepper


Jalapeno pepper is better known as Jalapeño. It has a slightly curved, conical shape and skin color ranging from bright green to greenish-black. Jalapeno pepper typically measures two to three inches in length and one inch in diameter. The flavor is bright and grassy with a moderate amount of heat. Taste very much like serrano pepper, only with less heat. A common topping for nachos and tacos. In addition, minced jalapenos are widely used in making salsas, sauces, and bottled hot sauces.


Jamaica Hot Pepper


Jamaica hot pepper is what people called a scotch bonnet, Bonney pepper, and Caribbean red pepper. It is a small chili pepper with thin, crumpled skin, squash-shaped, and ranges from one to two inches in diameter. Jamaica hot pepper comes in a variety of shades of orange and red. It has a distinctive apricot and citrus flavor with smoky undertones that add a great depth of flavor on top of the heat. Frequently, used to make spicy marinate, extra-hot hot sauce, and salsa.


Long Hot Pepper


Long hot pepper is otherwise called Italian long hot. It has a gangly, thin body that curves and sways with a pointed tip. Long hot pepper measures six to eight inches in length and has bright green skin. It tastes sweet, tangy, and mildly spicy. Every once in a while, you may encounter a very spicy long hot pepper. Most often deep-fried and roasted to bring out a delicious sweet smokiness. 


Serrano Pepper


Serrano pepper is also called serrano chili. A small chili pepper resembles a thinner jalapeno and ranges from one to four inches in length. It has a slightly arched, cylindrical shape and skin color varying from bright green to greenish-black. The flavor is crisp and grassy with substantial heat. The heat has a delayed reaction, so wait a moment before taking your second bite. Smaller size tends to be hotter than the bigger size. Primarily used for salsa, guacamole, and pickles.


Shishito Pepper


Shishito pepper is well known as groundcherry pepper and lion head pepper. It is a slender pepper with thin-walled and slightly wrinkled skin that measures three to five inches in length. The flavor is fresh peppery together with a slight sweetness. Occasionally, one in twenty Shishito peppers may have a blast of heat. Often roasted and grilled as an appetizer. Have fun taking bites of Shishito pepper to see who gets the heat spike.


Thai Chili Pepper


Thai Chili Pepper is renowned for the bird's eye chili. A small conical and slender chili pepper growing up to three inches in length. The skin is firm and waxy, filled with round and flat cream-colored seeds. The flavor is subtly earthy and grassy with immediate pungent heat. For a more intense heat, dice the Thai chili peppers before use to release their oils and seeds fully. Best suited for curries, sauces, and pickling.


There are more than hundreds of pepper varieties, The Juice introduces the twelve most common types of pepper in the consumer market. Every pepper has its unique flavor and usage. If you did not see the variety you are looking for, please email or use our live chat. We can purvey the product for you. Purvey'd Corporation is the one-stop-shop for all your produce needs. 

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