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  • 20 lbs
  • Green Ong Choy aka "Green Water Spinach", "Green Water Convolvulus", "Green Kang Kong", "Lǜ-Kong-Xin-Cai", "Qing-Gan-Kong-Xin-Cai", "Tong-Cai", "Tong-Xin-Cai", "绿空心菜", "青杆空心菜", "通菜", "通心菜", "綠空心菜", "青桿空心菜"
  • Green ong choy is a long, leafy green vegetable with thin hollow stems. The leaves are narrower and darker green compared with the white ong choy. Green ong choy is generally harvested when it reached 12 inches in length. Green ong choy has a mild, slightly mineral flavor, a little like watercress without the mustard-like piquancy. Cooked green ong choy is very tender with a texture akin to spinach. They are often cut into 3-4 inch lengths and cooked with garlic and fermented bean curd or shrimp paste. Green ong choy is available year-round.