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  •  ~30 - 35 lbs
  • White Ong Choy aka "White Water Spinach", "White Water Convolvulus", "White Kang Kong", "Bai-Kong-Xin-Cai", "Bai-Gan-Kong-Xin-Cai", "Tong-Cai", "Tong-Xin-Cai", "白空心菜", "白杆空心菜", "通菜", "通心菜", "白桿空心菜"
  • White ong choy has arrow-shaped leaves, thick hollow stems, and a light green color.  White ong choy has a mild, slightly mineral flavor, a little like watercress without the mustard-like piquancy. Cooked white ong choy leaves are very tender with a texture akin to spinach. They are often cut into three to four-inch lengths and cooked with garlic and fermented bean curd or shrimp paste. White ong choy is available year-round.