The Juice - Potato Variety (White Potato, Red Potato, Chef Potato, and Russet Potato)

Potato Variety

October 11, 2021

What is potato's least favorite day of the week?
Fry Day.

According to USDA, the potato is the most consumed vegetable in the United States. No wonder, you are able to find potatoes in every supermarket. The potato is a root vegetable that boasts high water content, a great source of vitamins and minerals, and virtually no fat. One medium size (5.2 oz.) potato can contain 620 mg, 27 mg of vitamin C, 20 mg of calcium, and 0.2 mg of vitamin B6. In order to  best retain its' nutrition, it is recommended to cook the potato with the skin on.

This week, we are exploring potato varieties. Dig into the difference between white, red, chef, and russet potatoes through appearance, taste, and application. Before your next purchase, use this potato guide to nail down the right potato for you!


White Potato
White Potato

White potato is also known as the Irish potato. It has tan-colored, smooth thin skin with white creamy flesh. White potato usually comes in round or oval shapes. The flavor is mild and creamy. White potato is a waxy potato that is low in starch and high in moisture. It holds up well in shape after cooking. This allows the white potato to be a great component for mashing or frying. Try it cooked with its' delicate skin on to create the perfect amount of texture for your next potato salad.


Red Potato
Red Potato

Red potato otherwise named new potato, red bliss potato, and boiling potato. It has a ruby to deep red smooth thin skin with a round shape and crisp white flesh. Red potatoes taste mild, buttery, and earthy. It is a waxy potato with less starch and more moisture. Red potatoes are best suited for stew, boil, and casserole because of their firm texture. 


Chef Potato
Chef Potato

Chef potato is also called all-purpose potato and Maris piper potato. It can be identified by its brown skin and oval shape with a dense and creamy texture. Chef potato has a mild flavor. Just as the name implied, this is the chef's go-to potato that performs well in any recipe. Chef potato has medium starch and medium moisture; suitable for frying, baking, and mashing. If you do not know what to buy, go for the fool proof chef potato. Not only is it all-purpose, but it is also cheaper than other varieties.


Russet Potato
Idaho Russet Potato

Russet potato also goes by the name of Idaho russet potato, old potato, and baking potato. It has rough, dark brown skin with an oval shape and mealy white flesh. Russet potato tastes mild and fluffy. It is a starchy potato with high starch and low moisture content. This combo produces dry flesh that breaks down easily and is best suited for baked, mashed, and deep-fried. The russet potato is an excellent choice for crispy fries or potato wedges.

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