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  • ~40 lbs
  • Red Potato aka "New Potato", "Red Bliss Potato", "Boiling Potato", "Hong-Shu-Zai", "Tu-Dou", "Ma-Ling-Shu", "红薯仔", "土豆", "马铃薯", "紅薯仔",  "馬鈴薯"
  • Red potatoes are small to medium in size with round or oval shapes. The smooth thin skin is ruby to deep red and the flesh is crisp, white, and firm. Red potato size A is generally more than two and a half inches in diameter. They have a mild, buttery, and earthy flavor. Red potatoes are best suited for potato salad, roast, and sautéing because they hold their shape well when cooked. Red potato is available year-round.