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  • ~40 lbs
  • Purple Yam aka "Ube", "Violet Yam", "Purple Sweet Potato", "Zi-Xin-Fan-Shu", "Zi-Shu", "Bai-Pi-Zi-Shu", "Zi-Pi-Zi-Shu", "紫心番薯", "紫薯", "白皮紫薯", "紫皮紫薯"
  • Purple yam is a root vegetable that looks similar to a sweet potato but with white or purple skin depending on the variety and purple flesh. It has a sweet, nutty flavor. The white skin purple yam is usually sweeter than the purple skin purple yam. Purple yam is a popular ingredient in Asian desserts such as halo-halo and ube ice cream. Purple yam is available year-round.