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  • ~20 lbs
  • Leek aka "Garden Leek", "Da-Suan-Miao", "Jiu-Cong", "Bian-Cong", "Yang-Suan-Miao", "大蒜苗", "韭葱", "扁葱", "洋蒜苗"
  • Leek is white at the base and transitions from light green to dark green at the top. With a thick base that moves into flat leaves at the top, leek looks a great deal like green onions though they are much thicker and larger in size. Leek is generally twenty to thirty-nine inches in height and harvested when the base reaches one inch in diameter. It has a sweet, oniony flavor that is a great companion in soups, casseroles, and salads. Leek is available year-round.