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  • ~30 lbs
  • Seasonally sourced from Thailand and Malaysia.  
  • Durian aka "King of Fruits", "Liu-Lian", "榴莲", "榴蓮"
  • Durian has a similar appearance as jackfruit but much smaller in size and with prickly spines on the skin. The most significant feature of durian is the smell of the fruit. Durian has a strong aroma that some people compared to raw sewage. Inside, the flesh is separated by smooth-walled compartments. Durian usually consists of three to five compartments, each containing one to six glossy, creamy to reddish-brown seeds covered by the soft pulp. The flesh is light yellow with a creamy, custardlike texture. The flesh can be odorless or have a strong aroma of garlic, onion, or pungent cheese with a hint of fruitiness. Durian has a sweet, custardy flavor with hints of vanilla.