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  • ~30 lbs
  • Seasonally sourced from Thailand and Malaysia.  
  • Durian aka "King of Fruits", "Liu-Lian", "榴莲", "榴蓮"
  • Durian has a similar appearance as jackfruit but is much smaller in size and with prickly spines on the skin. The most significant feature of durian is the smell of the fruit. Durian has a strong aroma that some people compare to raw sewage. Inside, the flesh is separated by smooth-walled compartments. Durian usually consists of three to five compartments, each containing one to six glossy, creamy to reddish-brown seeds covered by the soft pulp. The flesh is light yellow with a creamy, custard-like texture. The flesh can be odorless or have a strong aroma of garlic, onion, or pungent cheese with a hint of fruitiness. Durian has a sweet, custardy flavor with hints of vanilla.