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  • ~20 lbs
  • Jackfruit aka "Nangka", "Jaca Fruit", "Bo-Luo-Mi", "菠萝蜜", "菠蘿蜜"
  • Jackfruit has thick, green bumpy skin with plump, stringy pods. It is usually in an oblong shape and around thirty-five pounds but it can grow much heavier. The flesh is mango-like yellow color. Fresh underripe jackfruit is usually cooked as a vegetable in a savory dish. The underripe jackfruit has a meaty firm texture and a taste some people describe as similar to pulled pork. When ripe, these pods have a sweet banana-like quality and are often eaten as fruit. One tip for handling the fruit is to put oil on both your hands and the knife because the fruit contains a very sticky, white, rubbery latex that is hard to handle otherwise.