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What is Rice Noodle?


Rice noodles are wide flat noodles made from rice flour. It is otherwise known as "ho fun". Rice noodles have a mild subtle flavor that is easily paired with sauces. It has a distinct texture where it is slippery when saucy and bouncy when stir-fried. One popular application is stir-fry rice noodles with vegetables or beef.


Historical OriginRICE NOODLE

Historical records suggest that rice noodles were invented back when Northern China invaded Southern China. Due to harsh climate conditions, Northerners were accustomed to eating wheat and millet so their noodles were traditionally made out of those ingredients. To adapt to crop availabilities in the south after their invasion, they replaced wheat and millet with rice, and the rice noodle was invented.


Made Fresh Daily

Poon Kee LLC

Poon Kee LLC has been our main supplier for the freshest rice noodles in the market for over twenty years. Rice noodles are made daily in the morning and delivered to our warehouse as early as 5 AM; just in time for our deliveries and pick-up orders. Please reserve your rice noodles! Rice noodles must be preordered before 3 PM the day before pickup or delivery. Fresh rice noodles are white and chewy and do not break during the cooking procedure. Once you try the freshly made rice noodles, you will never go opt for anything else. Place your order today. Please email support@purveyd.com for any additional inquiries.


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