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  • ~10 lbs
  • Large White Mushroom aka "White Button Mushroom", "Champignon Mushroom", "Bai-Mo-Gu", "Shuang-Bao-Mo-Gu", "Yang-Mo-Gu", "Niu-Kou-Mo-Gu", "白蘑菇", "双孢蘑菇", "洋蘑菇", "纽扣蘑菇", "雙孢蘑菇", "鈕扣蘑菇"
  • Large white mushroom has smooth off-white caps that are rounded, firm, and spongy attached to short stems. White mushroom is the most widely available variety. It has a mild flavor that deepens after cooking. Open veils and darker caps exhibit a richer flavor and more mature white mushroom. White mushrooms may be used raw or cooked. White mushroom is great for sauteing with garlic, olive oil, and black pepper.  White mushroom is available year-round.