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  • ~20 - 25 lbs
  • Chrysanthemum Leaves aka "Crown Daisy Leaves", "Chop Suey Greens", "Shungiku", "Tong-Hao-Cai", "茼蒿菜"
  • Chrysanthemum leaves are thin, flat leaves divided into leaflets with serrated edges attached to a slightly fibrous pale green to white stalk. Chrysanthemum leaves are tender and slightly crunchy with a mild, grassy, and sweet flavor. It is a common ingredient in sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. Chrysanthemum leaves are generally available from fall through springtime.
  • The Juice: The trick in preparing chrysanthemum leaves is to not overcook them. Uncut leaves take no more than thirty seconds in boiling water. It takes even less time to cook if the greens are cut into smaller chunks. Overcooked chrysanthemum leaves become mushy and slimy.