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  • 8 x 1lb clamshell
  • Strawberry aka "Garden Strawberry", "Cao-Mei", "Shi-Duo-Pi-Li", "草莓", "士多啤梨"
  • Strawberry is a red berry with a round top extending to a pointed tip, like a heart. There are hundreds of tiny yellow seeds on the surface of the strawberry. There is also a newer variety with white to pale pink skin and tiny red seeds. Strawberry tastes sweet and juicy with a firm texture. Strawberry can be eaten fresh, jam, and dry. It is a popular ingredient with endless possibilities. Strawberry is available year-round.
  • The Juice: Do not spray strawberries before or during storage which may lead to deterioration. Only rinsed until just before use. Do not remove green caps before rinsing to preserve flavor and prevent internal breakdown.