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5 LBS (Approximate weight)

  • ~5 lbs (Approximate weight)
  • Seasonally sourced from California, Mexico, and Arizona. California red pepper generally starts in late October to early November.
  • Red Pepper aka "Red Bell Pepper", "Red Sweet Pepper", "Hong-Jiao", "红椒", "紅椒"
  • Red pepper is a plump, bell-shaped vegetable with a signature sweet and fruity flavor. Inside contains white piths and a cluster of small white seeds. The seeds are edible but are generally discarded. All sweet pepper starts green at the immature stage and turns color as they mature. Red pepper is the mature form of sweet pepper. Red pepper also comes in a longer, less rounded shape called le rouge. Most of our customers prefer the le rouge red pepper while the retail customer has a preference for the bell-shaped red pepper. Red pepper holds up well on the grill and is often grilled, roasted, and stuffed. Red pepper is available year-round.