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5 LBS (Approximate weight)

  • ~5 lbs (Approximate weight)
  • Red Cabbage aka "Purple Cabbage", "Zi-Ye-Cai", "Hong-Juan-Xin-Cai", "Hong-Bao-Cai", "Zi-Gan-Lan", "紫椰菜", "红卷心菜", "包菜", "紫甘蓝", "紅捲心菜", "紅包菜", "紫甘藍"
  • Red cabbage looks similar to green cabbage but with dark reddish-purple leaves. Inside, the leaves are reddish-purple and white with a white cor. Red cabbage has a stronger earthy taste compared to green cabbage. Red cabbage is great for coleslaw, salad, and pickled. Red cabbage is available year-round.