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  • ~30 lbs
  • Pomelo aka "Pompelmo", "Shaddock", "Pummelo", "Chinese Grapfruit", "Sha-Tian-You", "Jin-You", "You-Zi", "沙田柚", "金柚", "柚子"
  • Pomelo is usually round with one end slightly pointy. The shape resembles grapefruit but is much larger in size. The smooth skin is greenish-yellow to yellow with the flesh being white, rose, or pink in color. There is a layer of thick white pulp that surrounds the juicy flesh. Pomelo may contain seeds depending on the variety. It tastes very much like grapefruit but is sweeter with a delicate, floral flavor. Pomelo may be eaten as is or used in fruit salads or desserts. Pomelo is available from late fall through winter.