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  • ~10 lbs
  • Pomegranate aka "Hong-Shi-Liu", "红石榴", "紅石榴"
  • Pomegranate is oval with smooth leather skin that is brownish-red or bright red and has a pointed tip that looks like a small crown. Inside contains hundreds of edible seeds called arils and a white membrane. The arils are sweet and juicy with a white soft seed in the middle. Pomegranates do not ripen after harvest and must be picked fully ripe. Pomegranate is generally consumed fresh or processed into juice, jam, or wine. Pomegranate is available from late summer to early winter.
  • The Juice: A tip for deseeding a pomegranate is to cut open the crown top at a shallow angle. Then hold the pomegranate upside down over a big bowl of water and use a wooden spoon to smack the top of the skin. The seeds will sink to the bottom of the water and the pith will float on top.