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  • ~35 - 40 lbs
  • Pickle Slicer 3B aka "Sweet Pickle", "Gherkin", "Caper", "Small Cucumber", "Small Cuke", *Kirby", "Xiao-Huang-Gua", "小黄瓜", "小黃瓜"
  • Pickle slicer 3B is a short pickling cucumber with bumpy skin that has graduating hues of dark and light green. It has a small to moderate amount of tender seeds. Pickle slicer 3B is refreshing, mild, and crunchy. Common application includes sushi rolls, sandwiches, and pickled.
  • The Juice: If you ever saw a yellow patch on the cucumber. It does not affect the quality of the cucumber. This is the ground-contact spot without exposure to sunlight. To find out more, check out our blog post What is a Yellow Belly