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  • 3 lbs
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom aka "Yamabushitake", "Pom Pom Mushroom", "Hou-Tou-Gu", "猴头菇", "猴頭菇"
  • Lion's mane mushrooms are large, white mushrooms that resemble lion's mane or icicles as they grow. They are generally white in color and sometimes with a yellow or pink tinge. As the lion's mane mushroom ages, the mushroom becomes brown or yellow. Lion's mane mushrooms are extremely absorbent, similar to a sponge. When cooking, be careful not to put too much oil. The flavor and texture are similar to that of a lobster and crab. The mushroom is tender, juicy, and meaty. Often sautéed and pan-fried for the best flavor. Lion's mane mushroom is available from late summer to early spring.
Handling Tip
  • Lion's mane mushroom has a uniform white color with no signs of wilting, brown spots, or sliminess.
  • Lion's mane mushroom mushrooms should be stored at 36°F - 38°F (2°C - 3°C) with a relative humidity of eighty-five to ninety percent and no mist.
  • The typical shelf life is up to a week. 
  • Lion's mane mushroom is sensitive to odor and should not be stored with strong aroma products. Especially, green onions should not be stored or displayed with lion's mane mushrooms.
  • The lion's mane mushroom is sensitive to water. Lion's mane mushroom cartons should be kept off the wet floor. If wet, they will develop wrinkles, brown spots, or deteriorate prematurely. 
  • Lion's mane mushroom is sensitive to ethylene, a naturally occurring gas regulating ripening. Lion's mane mushrooms should not be stored with high ethylene-producing products to extend shelf life. Lion's mane mushroom produces a low level of ethylene.
  • Lion's mane mushroom is not sensitive to chilling injury but is sensitive to freezing injury. The freezing point for lion's mane mushrooms is 31°F (-0.6°C). Freezing injury symptoms include water-soaked spots.