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  • ~40 lbs
  • Indian Long Squash aka "Lauki", "Bottle Gourd", "Opo Squash", "Calabash Squash", "Yin-Du-Chang-Gua", "印度长瓜", "印度長瓜"
  • Indian long squash is a softshell squash with a long cylindrical shape and smooth light yellow-green skin. Indian long squash is longer and thinner than regular long squash. The flesh is tender and white. Indian long squash has a mild and slightly sweet taste but changes to bitter once it hits maturity. Common application includes curry and deep-dried with batter. 
Handling Tip
  • Indian long squash is firm and heavy for its size.
  • The skin is glossy with no signs of bruises or decay.
  • The smaller size is generally tender and sweeter.
  • Indian long squash should be stored at 45°F - 50°F (7°C - 10°C) with a relative humidity of eighty-five to ninety-five percent and no mist.
  • The typical shelf life is one to two weeks. Long-term storage leads to dull rind, dried or discolored stem end.
  • Indian long squash is sensitive to ethylene, a naturally occurring gas that regulates ripening. Do not store Indian long squash with high ethylene-producing products to extend shelf life and avoid yellowing. Indian long squash produces a low level of ethylene.
  • Indian long squash is highly sensitive to chilling injury at storage below 45°F (7°C). Symptom includes pitted rind.