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  • ~20 - 25 lbs
  • Grey Squash aka "Grey Zucchini", "Calabacita", "Han-Guo-Shui-Gua", "Xi-Hu-Lu", "Jie-Gua", "韩国水瓜", "西葫芦", "节瓜", "韓国水瓜", "西葫蘆", "節瓜"
  • Grey squash is a softshell summer squash with a cylindrical shape, pale green skin, and flecks of light green-grey speckling. Grey squash is generally around four inches in length. It has a buttery texture and a slightly sweet, nutty flavor. Grey squash is completely edible both raw and cooked. Grey squash can be cooked with olive oil and black pepper as a simple side dish. Grey squash is available year-round.