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  • ~15 - 20 lbs
  • Dragon Fruit aka "Pitahaya", "Pitaya", "Strawberry Pear", "Thang Loy", "Yellow Dragon Fruit", "Red Dragon Fruit", "White Dragon Fruit", "Huang-Huo-Long-Guo", "Hong-Huo-Long-Guo", "Bai-Huo-Long-Guo", "黄火龙果",  "红火龙果",  "白火龙果", "黃火龍果", "紅火龍果", "白火龍果"
  • Dragon fruit is oblong-shaped with hot pink, red, or yellow skin and large leaf-liked scales on its surface. Its flesh is white or bright purple with lots of juice. The hot pink and red skin variety has flesh with tiny seeds, while the yellow skin variety has flesh with bigger seeds that are still edible. The white flesh hot pink dragon fruit tastes refreshing and mild. The red flesh red dragon fruit is slightly sweeter than the hot pink dragon fruit. The yellow skin dragon fruit is the sweetest of all.