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  • ~30 - 35 lbs
  • Chayote aka "Choko", "Vegetable Pear", "Mirliton", "Fo-Shou-Gua", "He-Shou-Gua", "He-Zhang-Gua", "佛手瓜", "合手瓜", "合掌瓜"
  • Chayote is a bright green gourd similar to a pear in size and shape with slightly ridged skin. Chayote is generally four to six inches in diameter. The skin is thin and edible but generally peeled before consumption. The crisp pale flesh of the chayote has the flavor of cooked cucumber, baby zucchini, or summer squash. Stir fry sliced chayote with garlic and pepper as a simple side dish. Chayote is available year-round.