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  • ~20lbs
  • Bunch beet aka "Beetroot", "Table Beet", "Red Beet", "甜菜根", "红菜头", "紅菜頭"
  • Bunch beet is a root vegetable that is small to medium size.  The vegetable has an oval shape with deep maroon-colored skin and bright red flesh. The thin, pointy tip of the root, taproot should still be attached. Bunch beet is sold with the leafy green still attached on top. The beet stem is wine red or hot pink and the oval leaves are bright green in color. Bunch beets are harvested as early as fifty to seventy days after planting. Beet is edible from root to the leaf. Bunch beet tastes earthy and a little bitter. Common application includes pickled, juiced, and salads. Bunched beet is available year-round.