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  • ~30 lbs
  • Brussel Sprout aka "Gan-Lan-Cai", "Bao-Zi-Gan-Lan", "Qiu-Ya-Gan-Lan", "甘蓝菜", "抱子甘蓝", "球芽甘蓝", "甘藍菜", "抱子甘藍", "球芽甘藍"
  • Brussel Sprout looks like a mini cabbage. It is a tall-stemmed cabbage in which each leaf on the axis forms tiny heads/sprouts. The outer leaves are green fading to light yellow on the inside and a white cut end. Brussel sprouts are one inch or more in diameter and no more than two and three-quarters inches in length. It has a fairly bitter taste when eaten raw but when cooked properly, it will become a sweet, nutty, smoky flavor that's hard to resist. Brussels sprouts have a nice crunchy exterior and a tender interior. Common application includes sautéed and roasted. Brussel sprouts are available year-round.