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  • 40 x 3.5 oz 
  • Sourced from California
  • Brown Beech Mushrooms aka "Brown Hon-Shimeji Mushrooms", "Buna-Shimeji", "Shan-Mao-Ju-Mo-Gu", "Xie-Wei-Gu", "Zhen-Ji-Gu", "棕色山毛榉蘑菇", "棕色蟹味菇", "棕色真姬菇"
  • Brown beech mushrooms have small light brown caps with thin white stems. It has a crunchy texture that offers a delicately mild flavor, both satisfyingly sweet and nutty. Perfect for soups and stews. Brown beech mushrooms maintain their crisp texture if added as the last ingredient. Brown beech mushroom is available year-round.