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  • 20 x 1lb bag
  • Sourced from California
  • Baby Carrot aka "Peeled Carrots", "Xiao-Hu-Luo-Bo", "Mi-Ni-Hu-Luo-Bo", "Xiao-Hong-Luo-Bo", "Mi-Ni-Hong-Luo-Bo", "小胡萝卜", "迷你胡萝卜", "红萝卜", "迷你红萝卜", "小胡蘿蔔", "迷你胡蘿蔔", "小紅蘿蔔", "迷你紅蘿蔔"
  • Baby Carrots are made from longer carrots that have been peeled and cut into smaller sizes. Baby carrots are usually harvested prematurely to maintain a tender texture. These carrots are smaller in diameter, coreless, and sweeter than regular carrots. Baby carrot is usually used for snacking purposes. Baby carrot is available year-round.