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  • 18 or 24 pieces
  • Sourced from California
  • Artichoke aka "French Artichoke", "Green Artichoke", "Chao-Xian-Ji", "Yang-Ji", "朝鲜蓟", "洋蓟", "朝鮮薊", "洋薊"
  • Artichoke has the same shape as the lotus flower that has yet to open. It is actually an immature flower bud of a thistle, a type of flower. The outer leaves are green with thorns on the tips. You should take out the stem of the base, the thorns on the tips of the leaves, and the thorny crown to get to the creamy flesh and the meaty heart. Inside, the flesh is light yellow to purple depending on the variety. Artichoke is known for its nutty flavor. Artichoke is generally baked, braised, and roasted. Steaming the whole artichoke is the most popular application. Artichoke is available year-round.