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  • ~20 lbs
  • Acorn Squash aka "Pepper Squash", "Des Moines Squash", "Xiang-Guo-Nan-Gua", "Xiang-Zi-Nan-Gua", "橡果南瓜", "橡子南瓜", "橡实形南瓜", "橡實形南瓜"
  • Acorn squash is a hard shell winter squash with distinctive longitudinal ridges on its exterior with green and yellow-gold skin. As the name suggested, it has the same shape as an acorn. The yellow-orange flesh inside is sweet but somewhat dry. Acorn squash has a mild, buttery flavor that pairs well with a wide variety of seasonings, both savory and sweet. Acorn squash is most commonly baked. Acorn squash is available year-round.