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  • 20 lbs
  • Seasonally sourced from Canada, Florida, Mexico, and New Jersey
  • AA Choy aka "Sword Lettuce", "Taiwanese Lettuce", "A Choy", "AA-Cai", "You-Mai-Cai", "Er-Zai-Cai", "AA 菜", "油麦菜", "鹅仔菜", "油麥菜", "鵝仔菜"
  • AA choy is the leafy portion of celtuce or otherwise known as AA choy heart. AA Choy is a refreshing leafy green that tastes a lot like romaine lettuce but is not quite as crunchy. The vegetable is usually stir-fried with fresh chopped garlic or blanched and served with an oyster sauce topping.