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  • ~20 lbs
  • Barlette Pear aka "Williams Pear", "Bartlett Pear", "Wei-Lian-Mu-Si-Li", "Ba-Te-Li-Te-Li", "Hong-An-Li", "威廉姆斯梨", "巴特利特梨", "红安梨"
  • Bartlett pear has a true pyriform or classical pear shape. As the fruit ripens, the skin turns green to golden yellow. The flesh is cream-colored with a central core and a few, small dark brown seeds. The flesh is crunchy and tart when under-ripe. Ripe bartlett pear has a buttery texture with a sweet juicy flavor. Barlette pear is suitable for eating out of hand, desserts, and salads. Barlette pear is available from mid-summer to early winter.