What are seasonal/reserve items?

What are Seasonal and Reserve Items?

Purvey'd carries a full line of fresh produce; from everyday broccoli crowns to specialty Chinese Eggplants. Our catalogue contains over hundreds of unique products. Apart from the vegetables that we always carry, such as Napa cabbage and tomato; we also offer seasonal and reserve items.  


Seasonal Items

Seasonal items are special items that become available only for a certain amount of time during the year. These batches generally have a limited quantity and are quite popular among our customers who are looking for a new exciting ingredient for their menus or item for their shelves. Purvey'd partners with local farms to provide fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. This past summer we had yellow petite watermelon and heirloom greasy beans, some of which sold out before even arriving at our warehouse! In the course of autumn, persimmon and green daikon make the scene. Persimmon is always an international hit while green daikon is more of a specialty item popular in Asian cuisines. Please check out our newsletter and social media to see what seasonal items we will have to offer this upcoming winter.


Reserve Items

Reserve items are items that we may not carry but can be preordered. They are marked by an asterisk (*) indicating that they will be purveyed upon order placement. These items are available one business day after order placement, Monday to Friday and pending availability on Saturday. Some of the reserve items are labeled as market price because in the produce industry, prices fluctuate depending on supply and demand. After the order is placed, the Purvey'd team will be in touch regarding the price of the item and availability. Thereafter, the order summary will be updated to reflect the new order total. 

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