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  • Star apple aka "Caimito", "Milk Fruit", "Niu-Nai-Guo", "Xing-Ping-Guo", "牛奶果", "星苹果", "星蘋果"
  • Star apple is a tropical fruit with a small to medium round shape. The skin is thin, glossy, and leathery similar to that of passion fruit. Depending on the variety, the skin may be reddish-purple to pale green to dark purple. The purple star apples have dark purple thicker rinds in comparison to thinner white rinds in green star apples. The rinds are inedible and should be discarded. The rind surrounds jelly-like milky pulps with inedible black seeds.  The star apple has a sweet tropical fragrance and a mild delicate flavor resembling lychee, persimmon, and rambutan. Star apple is generally eaten out of hand or used as an ingredient for ice cream and sherbet. Star apple is available from late winter through early summer.