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  • Red Thai Chili aka "Bird's Eye Chili", "Bird Eye Chili", "Bird's Chili", "Chili Pepper", "泰国辣椒", "老鼠屎辣椒", "小鸟椒", "鸟眼辣椒", "泰国朝天椒", "泰國辣椒", "小鳥椒", "鳥眼辣椒", "泰國朝天椒"
  • Red Thai Chili is generally small, conical, and slender. The skin is smooth, taut, and waxy filled with small, round, and flat cream-colored seeds. Red Thai chili has a subtly earthy, grassy flavor and a fruitier note with an immediate, pungent heat. Red Thai chili can be used in curries, soups, and sauces. For a more intense heat, the peppers can be diced before use to release their oils and seeds fully.